Building Dreams. Creating Unforgettable moments every single time. Transmitting love and magic in every detail of life

Amor Como Desafio LLC
Why the name of my shop called "Amor Como Desafio"
Love as a challenge is born to weave dreams and to wear illusions between an electrical engineer and a designer, that between cups of delicious coffee coincided that if there is a great challenge, it would be to love. To love second to second, love until eternity, to walk the path of live with the full awareness of to be loving; But loving what? Loving everything !!! loving our life. And how to know if you are loving? Because what is love? And do people really know the meaning of love in such a digital world? When hugs and expressions so our, and the human is already replaced it in a phone with emojis.
I'm here to awakening consciousness about everything.Re-awakening our being, re-appreciating one second in front of the other, feeling the warmth of the other in a hug, back to hold hands, again wanting to weave moments with details like our products to stay in the memories of the other, turns out to be a great challenge now. So we opened our treasure of ideas bathed in love and decided to expose them as a new bridge of love and communication to our clients.

The beauty of the flowers are the new bridge of love because contains a message and an expression of affection.
Roses as the new vehicle of the message, then its all about what message goes on the flowers.

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